Michael Blastland is on the case in this non-fiction investigation, unravelling the causes at the root of the biggest trends. These are true-life mysteries that creep up on us until the pattern of our lives is altered. He examines the culprits and punctures presumptions about causation and its implications for policy making.

In its first season, Whodunnit? Investigated why half of England’s pregnant teenagers have vanished. They haven’t gone missing, they were just never conceived. And the teenage pregnancy rate plummeted. It’s one of the greatest societal mysteries we’ve seen. Everyone wants to crack the case and keep rates dropping.

Whodunnit? is a new series and a new kind of investigation. It owes its style to detective storytelling. But the cases are unequivocally real. These are societal mysteries – true-life changes in the pattern of our lives, changes that might even feature some of us.